Businesses, get prepared to Brexit

Mise à jour le 14/02/2022

The United Kingdom leaving the European Union will impact citizens and economic stakeholders.


Businesses, get prepared for Brexit

In case of withdrawal without agreement of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the border between France and the United Kingdom will be restored. Therefore, you will have to carry out customs formalities at import and export (documentary controls, controls of goods, payment of duties and taxes).

French Customs and its partners have anticipated those formalities and controls in order to ensure the continuity and fluidity of trade between France and the United Kingdom. Now, you also have to anticipate the end of the free movement of goods. The control of your delivery delays, your costs, your international competitiveness depend on your preparation

Video about the Trade and cooperation agreement

Preparing for Brexit

GVMS guide (2nd edition)

Notes to operators

ICS Procedures

Transit and TIR management methods as part of the Smart Border for import and export flow

Rules concerning offices en route as part of Brexit common transit operations

Movement of reusable pallets (EU and non-EU)

Circulation of EU and third country reusable packaging and it's annex 71-01

EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement

Health and customs treatment of SPS goods (veterinary and phytosanitary) for Brexit

Smart border

Fallback procedures in the framework of the smart border

Inform yourself and ask questions:

Carry out your impact assessment. French services including French Customs can help you.

Ask questions to the Customs Business Consulting Unit.

Exchange with your instructing participants

Carriers, forwarders, clients, suppliers, subcontractors, etc., and make sure to exchange all necessary information.

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Keep the control on your customs formalities and read the French Customs guidelines to get prepared to Brexit.